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Child Support

Fresno Child Support Lawyers

Child support issues can be difficult, especially when emotions run high.

If you are facing a divorce, your children will require support. At the Law Office of Nancy J. Stegall, APC, a family law firm, we will guide you through the divorce process, explain the issues, and protect your and your children's interests. Just as spousal support is based on the standard of living during the marriage, child support will contemplate the standard of living enjoyed by your children during the marriage.

California has guidelines that determine child support. The child support guidelines software program uses a mathematical equation that considers both parents' income and factors like visitation.

However, there are other ways to determine child support. Our attorneys believe in applying the principles of Collaborative Law , in which divorcing couples can work out their own child support arrangements, at times with the help of a mediator.

Contact the Law Office of Nancy J. Stegall, APC to schedule your consultation.


Besides divorce or separation, a child support order can arise from a paternity action when a child is born outside of marriage. An unwed parent can get a child support order. Our firm can help you get a DNA test to determine paternity.

If you are unmarried, and faced with a child support order, you can contest paternity. You will not have to pay child support if tests determine the child is not yours.

Modification of support

If your financial circumstances have changed, we can move to have the court modify your support obligations.

Whether you are receiving child support, seeking child support, responsible for paying child support or seeking a child support order modification, contact the Law Office of Nancy J. Stegall, APC to schedule a consultation. In addition to meetings at our office, we offer phone consultations for people who are unable to come to our office, such as military servicemen, servicewomen and their families living abroad.

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